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Nano Super Hydrophobic Coating (dust proof and water repellent)

Min. Order: 1 kilogram
Production Capacity: 1000kgs/Week
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: White
  • Porduct Mame: Nano Super Hydrophobic Coating
  • Adhesion: 0 Level
  • Particle Size: <5nm
  • Hardness: 3-4h
  • Coverage: 65-75 Square Meters/Liter
Product Description
Nano super hydrophobic coating (dust proof and water repellent)

Introduction of self cleaning coating

The field of self-cleaning coatings on glass is divided into two categories: Hydrophobic and hydrophilic. These two types of coating both clean themselves through the action of water, the former by rolling droplets and the latter by sheeting water that carries away dirt. Hydrophilic coatings based on titanium dioxide, however, have an additional property: They can chemically break down adsorbed dirt in sunlight. The requirements for a self-cleaning hydrophobic surface are a very high static water contact angle θ , thecondition ften quoted is θ >160° , and a very low roll-off angle, i. E. The minimum inclination angle necessary for a droplet to roll off the surface.


Hydrophilic simply means that the glass will attract the water and make it spread out like a thin film. Hydrophobic means the glass will repel water and any water that comes in contact with the glass will tend to have a minimum amount of contact with the glass and will create spherical droplets on the surface. During the following "hydrophilic" stage rain washes awaythe dirt, leaving almost no streaks, because hydrophilic glass spreads the water evenly over its surface.


The second type of self cleaning glass is glass applied with a hydrophobic coating also known as having the "lotus effect" which refers to the very high water repellency exhibited by the leaves of the lotus flower. Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to a complex micro and nanoscopic architecture of the surface which enables minimization of adhesion. This form of glass works in a similar way to "Teflon" on a frying pan. It produces a non stick surface and water will run off of this surface quickly and not streak. Glass despite looking like a smooth surface has on a microscopic scale, peaks and valleyswhich on untreated glass attract and deposit dirt and grime. The coating or applications ofthis type are silica based and create a nano scale film that covers these valleys or troths.

Simply brush or wipe or spray on the surface, giving an invisible protective coating

1. House and conservatory glass - creates virtually self cleaning glass

2. Ceramic bathroom suites - prevents lime scale build up

3. Ceramic kitchen surfaces -Has antimicrobial properties to prevent bacterial

4. Glass shower screens - prevents lime scale build up

5. Cars, Boats & Airplanes glass - gives extra visibility for improved safety

6. Plastic and metal

Our other nano coating products as follow:
  product mame code useness
1 Transparent Heat insulation coating for glass AMS-020 resist the heat from sun and save enery
2 Air purification coating for glass JH-T purify the air and decompose the harmful gas indoors
3 Transparent anti-UV coating for glass ZW-T001 anti-uv and protect the indoor stuff from being hurt by UV
4 Heat insulation paint for wall JD-1 provent sunlight penerate the exterior wall to reduce the indoor temperature
5 Inorganic anti-corrosin coating HZ-F01 provent metal or other stuff being corroded
6 Transparent conductive coating PTT-056 make insulators conductive
7 Transparent anti-static coating  RB-048 anti static to protect the stuff or extend their service life
8 Silver coated copper powder ZDJ-2080 make insulators conductive
9 Self cleaning and dust proof coating(Hydrophobic) CS-101 can make glass ,ceramic metal self clean with rain or water  
10 Self cleaning and dust proof coating(Hydrophilic) CQ-101 can make glass ,ceramic metal self clean with rain or water  
11 Anion coating WFT-010 Apply the anion to make health care product
12 Far infrared coating WYT-010 Apply the far infrared to make health care product
13 Transparent moss proof coating FL-005 prevent swimming pool,finsh tank growing moss or algae
14 Anti-UV caoting additive ZW-55 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to anti UV
15 Nano silver antibacterial coating additive AGS-WB3000 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to kill bacterial
16 Anti-mildew coating additive FW-010 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to kill molds
17 Anion coating additive RW-020 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to make health care items
18 Far infrared coating additive YW-030 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to make health care items
19 Formaldehyde cleaning coating additive JQ-P100 can be added to water-based or oil-based paint to remove Formaldehyde
20 Coating for extending the laser tube's service life AUT-3000 extend the service life of the laser tube by convert CO into CO2
21 Heat dissipation coating for engine XRT-50 help engines dissipate the heat and save the gasoline
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